Bash: Remove files to trash

After returning from holiday, my muscle memory failed and my fingers did something weird:

rm somethingiwantedtoremove -rf *

Debian Linux on Thinkpad L490

Trackpoint & touchpad and wifi were (hopefully) the only things that didn’t work right after installation of Debian Buster on my Lenovo Thinkpad L490.

How to connect to a NTLMv2 share in Linux

If you just need to download a file you can use smbclient to connect to a NTLMv2 Windows share from Linux. You don’t need to edit smb.conf or any config file, just add the -m SMB2 command line parameter.

Configuring mvn deploy with svn+ssh

So just a few notes how I configured mvn deploy with svn+ssh. It may not work for you the same way it did for me but maybe it can help a bit.

The smallest webcam under Linux

I just bought this small & cheap camera from AliExpress and tested it under Linux. It has no name or brand, the manual says Mini camera, The smallest camera in the world. It can take pictures and video, has a wierd USB connector (probably UC-E6, ships with a cable) and can be used as a webcam.

Autobuild LÖVE games on Travis CI

How to setup Travis CI and GitHub to automatically run tests, build .love files and Windows .exe from source for Love 2D games.

A "guitar" powered by Raspberry Pi & ChucK

I made me an electric guitar from a piece of wood and a few of the cheapest guitar parts. This is how to connect it to Raspberry Pi and how to setup ChucK to be able to program an effect in it.